The Moosehead Anthology: Forbidden Fiction


109 pages
ISBN 0-919688-39-X
DDC C810.8'0054





Edited by the Montreal Fiction Collective

Marguerite Andersen is a professor of French studies at the University
of Guelph.


This slim yet densely packed anthology of works by Montreal writers
features fiction, poetry, poetic prose, and drama. Science fiction is
balanced with a good shot of eroticism. Ann Diamond’s “Static
Control” is filled with suspense and mythology, as are the excerpts
from a play by Robert Majzels. English Canadians who have not read Louky
Bersianik’s poetic feminist manifesto, Euguélionne, which was
translated into English some 20 years ago, should at least read the
excerpts reprinted here.

The 14th edition of The Moosehead Anthology contains some exciting and
startling work by writers seeking to explore “the wilder margins of
the narrative.”


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