Collaboration in the Feminine: Writings on Women and Culture from Tessera


312 pages
Contains Bibliography
ISBN 0-929005-57-0
DDC C810.9'0287





Edited by Barbara Godard

Marguerite Andersen is a professor of French studies at the University
of Guelph.


This is a collection of more than 30 texts that were first published in
Tessera, a journal of innovative and critical writing featuring the work
of Canadian women writers. Poets, essayists, novelists, translators, and
academics constitute the 36 contributors. The experiences and
reflections of immigrant women are well represented. The collection as a
whole provides insights into such subjects as race and gender, writing
and memory, power and ethics, language and silence, feminist theory and
translation; it examines the breaking down of genre barriers, which has
played a tremendous role in feminist writing over the past decade.
Collaboration in the Feminine marks an important contribution to the
field of women’s studies.


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