The Complete Idiot's Guide to Managing Your Money in Canada


271 pages
Contains Index
ISBN 0-13-080935-7
DDC 332.024'00971




Reviewed by Koos A. de Beer

Koos A. de Beer is an ESL instructor in Vancouver, B.C.


Sound money management is key to surviving the ups and downs of our
economy. Like other books in the Idiot’s Guide series, this guide to
money management boasts a very user-friendly format. The book covers
general money management (harnessing your financial demons), banking
basics, credit and loans, investment tools, asset protection, and
planning for future financial needs (e.g., retirement, kids’
university education). The authors offer invaluable tips on such things
as reducing bank fees and discuss a wide range of financial matters,
from the importance of your credit rating to the fine print on leasing

In the section on investment tools, too much weight is perhaps given to
bonds; as well, advice on retirement planning is somewhat skimpy. Such
criticisms aside, this book is a worthwhile introduction to the
principles and practice of money management.


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