Inns and Bed & Breakfasts in Québec 2004


272 pages
Contains Photos, Illustrations, Maps, Index
ISBN 2-89464-691-7
DDC 647.94714'03




Reviewed by Bruce Grainger

Bruce Grainger is head of the Public Services Department, Macdonald
Library, McGill University.


This guide lists 530 establishments certified by the Fédération des
Agritours du Québec. The introduction clearly states what is included
in the different categories of services and products and gives practical
tips on how to make a reservation. The rating system and the symbols
used in the entries are clearly explained. There are sections listing
prizes for excellence for the previous year and a list of 76
establishments new to this edition of the guide. Each entry contains all
essential information about the establishment as well as a sketch of the
building. Each business is rated, and languages spoken are indicated (55
percent speak English fluently).

The volume is divided into two main sections: agritourism (which
includes country-style dining, farm shops, farm explorations, farm
stays, and country homes at the farm) and bed & breakfasts and country
inns (which includes country and city homes). Although primarily a guide
for rural and small-town places, it does list homes in or around large
centres such as Ottawa–Hull, Montreal, and Quebec City.

The agritourism sections include information about farm tours and
activities, farm stores (where such products as wine, cider, cheese,
honey, and meats are available), dining, and accommodation. There are
cross-references from the agrotourism sections to other categories of
products and services where applicable.

A colour fold-out map of the province is provided. More detailed maps
show the location of the numbered entries, which, combined with the
directions given for each establishment, should make planning an
itinerary and driving to a destination relatively easy. Finally, each
establishment is indexed by name, locality, and tourist region. This is
an excellent, well-organized and easy-to-use guide.


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