Dinosaur Hunters: Uncovering the Hidden Remains of Canada's Ancient Giants


120 pages
Contains Photos, Illustrations, Maps, Bibliography
ISBN 1-55153-982-9
DDC 560'.922712




Reviewed by Alex Curran

Alex Curran is a former member of both the National Advisory Board on
Science and Technology and the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research
Council. He was chair of the Telecommunications Sectoral Advisory
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Hidden in the badlands of Alberta, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan are the
fossilized remains of dinosaurs, who lived there some 65 million years
ago. The weather and vegetation in the region were different at that
time than what we see today. There is a challenge, therefore, to find
the relatively few fossils that remain from that period, and from them
to deduce the range of animal life forms that then dominated the earth.

It’s been 200 years since dinosaur hunting became an acceptable
“job description.” In this volume, the author writes about a few of
the most successful hunters, describing how they were attracted to their
careers, how they carried out their chosen tasks, and their thrill of
discovery. The stories are intriguing.

Dinosaur Hunters may inspire a few young people to choose a career in
paleontology; hence, the book should be available to career guidance
counsellors in Canadian secondary schools. It should be also be read by
anyone planning a tour of the Royal Tyrrell Museum in Drumheller,
Alberta—a visit guaranteed to stir the imagination.


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