Vancouver Canucks: Heart-Stopping Stories from Canada's Most Exciting Hockey Team


140 pages
Contains Photos, Bibliography
ISBN 1-55153-792-3
DDC 796.962'64'0971133




Reviewed by Matt Hartman

Matt Hartman is a freelance editor and cataloguer, running Hartman Cataloguing, Editing and Indexing Services.


Beddall, a B.C. magazine and newspaper contributor, adds another title
to the Amazing Stories series. The book’s subtitle tips off the
approach: canned hero-worship aimed at a market of Vancouver hockey fans
(who else but Canuck fans would read that subtitle with a straight
face?). Beddall devotes a chapter to the team’s early years, then
proceeds to some of the players who would be recognizable to even casual
fans: Tiger Williams, Pavel Bure, Gino Odjick, Stan Smyl, Trevor Linden,
and Markus Naslund. He concludes with a tribute to Brian Burke, who has
since moved on to the Anaheim Ducks. One wonders if Beddall has his
tongue in cheek as he tries to portray a mediocre hockey team with a
front office more inept than most as a successful franchise.


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