Freshwater Fishing: 1000 Tips from the Pros


224 pages
Contains Photos, Illustrations, Index
ISBN 1-55013-453-1
DDC 799.1'1





Reviewed by Anthony G. Gulig

Anthony G. Gulig teaches history at the University of Saskatchewan.


Fishing is one of the most popular outdoor activities in North America.
Each year, hundreds of thousands of people across the continent take to
lakes, streams, and rivers to enjoy the sport. Waszczuk and Labignan
have produced one of the most insightful general fishing guides ever
published. Well-written and -produced, this book would be a good pocket
companion for almost every type of angler in North America.

The authors not only explain how to fish a certain species or cover,
but also give special tips on how to approach certain seasons and
weather conditions. If you want to know where the late-season walleyes
might be, or what to do if the smallmouths are not on your favorite
shoreline, this is the book for you. Topically organized and well
indexed, the guide has new information for even the most seasoned
anglers. Special praise should go to the sections on catch-and-release
fishing, first aid, and boating safety.

The only weak section in this work is that which deals with
fly-fishing; it is aimed at those who seek the heavier species and does
not treat fly-fishing as the art it truly is. But this minor flaw does
not detract from the overall value of the book. Whether you are a
beginner wondering what tackle is best for you, or a seasoned angler who
knows it all, Freshwater Fishing will make you a more successful and
responsible angler.


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