The Last Sigh


248 pages
ISBN 1-895618-21-5
DDC C813'.54





Reviewed by Lynne Perras

Lynne Perras is a communication arts instructor in the Faculty of
General Studies, University of Calgary.


In this suspenseful and colorful novel of mystery and romance, the
Canadian heroine, Eva, journeys to Spain to unravel the mysterious past
of her deceased lover. Along the way she encounters some memorable
characters, among them Isabella Flowers, an aging Canadian author who
pronounces Canada “a country that conceals all of it nastiness inside
idyllic haystacks”; Ruth Kostyk, an unfulfilled writer and critic; and
Manolo, a Spanish guitar-maker.

Dumas effectively conveys the atmosphere of Spain as perceived by
literal-minded Canadians—sultry, appealing, yet ultimately confusing
and a little frightening. Surprises and shocks throughout, questions
about human relationships, and gentle humor also make this novel well
worth reading.


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