Low-Cholesterol Chez Bibianne


86 pages
Contains Index
ISBN 1-895292-15-8
DDC 641.5'638





Photos by Merle Prosofsky
Reviewed by Linda Perry

Linda Perry is a senior policy analyst at the Ontario Ministry of
Colleges and Universities.


This collection of recipes for low-salt, low-sugar, and low-fat foods is
based on such common-sense advice as leave out the salt, reduce or leave
out the sugar, skin meat, chill and skim fat from prepared dishes, and
reduce the number of eggs and/or leave out the egg yolks. Each recipe
specifies the calorie count as well as the protein, fat, saturated fat,
carbohydrates, sodium, and cholesterol content. The nutritional analysis
throughout the book is predicated on corn oil. (Canola oil would cut the
fat in half, while peanut oil would add a third more.) Most recipes
include instructions for barbecue cooking. Accompanying the no-nonsense
text format are few photos and no illustrations.

Low-Cholesterol is a comprehensive and methodical reference for the
health conscious.


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