Amazon Angel


119 pages
ISBN 0-920717-20-9
DDC C843'.54





Translated by Gérald Leblanc

Marguerite Andersen is a professor of French studies at the University
of Guelph.


Although Yolande Villemaire is the author of several novels and radio
plays, her writing is first of all poetic, which is probably why this
novella was translated by the poet Gérald Leblanc.

First published in 1982, the text takes us into a realm of color,
passion, rhythm, and dream, inspired by myths from Hawaii. We travel
with the female narrator through time and space. With her we remember
witches being burnt alive, missionaries in China, the occupation of
Paris by the Germans, Isadora Duncan’s perfume, the poet Paul
Chamberland, Nicole Brossard, Goethe and his Theory of Colours, his wife
Christiane, and Sonia Delaunay, the Paris artist. And much more. Whether
to France, Germany, ancient Egypt, the United States, China, New
York’s Central Park, or the bottom of the Pacific, the Amazon Angel
(who can be man, woman, or child) journeys untiringly. Her travels are
filled with a joy that comes from ignoring the boundaries of time or
space, of being aware of colors and the powers of the imagination in a
world that is not without violence and injustice.

If you want to read a novel that tells a story from A to Z, do not
consider Amazon Angel; but if you want to free your imagination, allow
yourself to be carried away.


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