How to Reduce the Tax You Pay


213 pages
Contains Index
ISBN 1-55013-528-7
DDC 343'.71'05'2'05





Reviewed by Michael Kasoian

Michael Kasoian is an elementary-school principal in Burlington,


This book, which first appeared in 1988, is designed to help people
avoid errors when calculating their personal income tax. The sixth
edition reflects laws and legislation proposals up to November 1, 1993.

The authors, chartered accountants and management consultants, present
tax planning in clear and concise language. The reader is taken through
key planning concepts such as what to do with one’s income, how to
split and shift income, how to invest, and how to defer and shelter
taxes. The book also provides strategies for saving (both short and long
term) and for maximizing returns in a RRSP. Other topics covered include
the new restrictions on using the capital gains exemption, special tax
measures for Quebec residents, and claiming the GST rebate.

Although the deadline for calculating your 1993 income tax has passed,
you’ll find facts and figures here that will give you a head start on
your 1994 tax planning. If you are among the millions of Canadians who
keep searching for effective ways to manage their money, this book is a
good place to start.


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