Around My Kitchen Table


142 pages
Contains Illustrations
ISBN 1-895292-24-7
DDC 081






Reviewed by Linda Perry

Linda Perry is a senior policy analyst at the Ontario Ministry of
Colleges and Universities.


The book purports to contain “bits of wit and wisdom” to enrich our
lives, to prompt a smile and provocative thoughts, and sometimes to do
both. It is a collection of aphorisms—some quotations, others home

Unfortunately, few of these bits are either very humorous or very
profound. Such gems as “Put the cap back on the toothpaste” or
“Buy quality not quantity,” or the moving “Whistle while you
work,” are hardly likely to catalyze a conversion experience. The
profundity promised in the introduction fails to materialize. The wit is
even more problematic, unless such quips as “Computers eat bytes”
could be construed as witticisms. Some examples, such as the inimitable
“Prunes wrinkle your soul,” were difficult to place in either
category; perhaps they bore some elusive Zen-like deeper significance.
The most positive aspect of this pedestrian, corny collection is that
it’s mercifully short.


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