Lacrosse Fundamentals


173 pages
Contains Photos, Illustrations
ISBN 1-895629-11-X
DDC 796.34'7






Reviewed by C.E. (Kit) Lefroy

C.E. (Kit) Lefroy is an associate professor in the School of Human
Movement, Laurentian University, and co-author of Volleyball Skills and
Game Concepts: Beginner to Advanced.


This book undertakes to provide information about how to develop the
fundamentals necessary to play the fast-break system. Specifically, the
book describes how to execute fundamental skills, learning progressions
and drills, and basic strategies. Skill and tactical tips and learning
checklists are included.

Hinkson presents a very definite order of priorities, beginning with
control (of the ball), followed by accuracy, and concluding with speed.
Three of the first four chapters on skills feature the control and
accuracy skills of cradling, catching, passing, and picking up loose
balls. Each skill is clearly and succinctly described along with common
errors or problems and their solutions.

The book features just under 50 pages of progressive drills. Generally,
the drills proceed from easy to difficult and from simple to complex. A
high proportion of the drills ensure maximum ball contact (i.e., the
ratio of players to balls is low). The author recognizes the importance
of movement and provides a number of footwork and movement skill drills,
some with and some without a ball.

He also recognizes that inexperienced players will erroneously regard
shooting as the most important skill. As a result, he does not present
this most popular skill until Chapter 8. He further reinforces his order
of priorities (control, accuracy, speed) by describing shooting as an
extension of passing. Nevertheless, the longest chapter is devoted to
shooting (the second-longest to goaltending).

Lacrosse is a game of fast-paced, almost continuous play, which makes
it difficult to describe the game’s components in a step-by-step
fashion. Hinkson has succeeded in doing so. His well-written and
generously illustrated book will be of particular use to players,
coaches, and educators.


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