The Canadian Global Almanac 1994


760 pages
Contains Illustrations, Index
ISBN 0-7715-9020-2
DDC 031.02





Edited by John Robert Colombo
Reviewed by Jeffrey Moon

Jeff Moon is Head of the Maps, Data, & Government Information Centre (MADGIC), at Queen's University


The Canadian Global Almanac 1994 is a refinement of its predecessors. As
in previous years, the almanac presents a broad spectrum of facts,
figures, and trivia. Information sources include Statistics Canada and
other government departments, various associations/foundations,
almanacs, news agencies, and other information sources. Regular features
cover a broad spectrum of social, economic, geographic, political,
cultural, statistical, and “trivial” arenas.

This year’s almanac includes more comparative tables and an enlarged
science section. The “window” on current events covers a larger
span, and efforts have been made to reflect “world” history rather
than just Western history.

The world history section is particularly well done, covering from 5000
BC to 1992 in about 40 pages, with an additional 12 pages devoted
specifically to Canadian history, and a further 26 pages devoted to
1992–93 news events. As a companion to this section, country
information is provided. While supposedly current to October 1993,
certain country information is out of date. For example, Yugoslavia is
listed in this companion; and though accompanying maps of the country
are more up to date, the current news section includes more timely
information about the war in Yugoslavia and other conflicts.

The index is acceptable, but would benefit from increased use of
cross-references to direct users to desired information. Text and tables
are well laid out and very readable.

If you need hard facts and figures at your fingertips, the Global
Almanac still has few competitors. The Canada Yearbook provides more
detail, and does have some unique information, but does not approach the
breadth of the Almanac’s coverage. As a “ready-reference” tool,
this handbook is highly recommended.


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