Law and Aboriginal Peoples of Canada


229 pages
Contains Maps, Bibliography
ISBN 1-895712-04-1
DDC 342.71'0872





Edited by D.W. Elliott
Reviewed by Jean Manore

Jean Manore is a policy assistant at the Department of Native Affairs.


Part of the Canadian Legal Studies series, this sourcebook examines the
significant legislation and court cases that constitute Canadian
jurisprudence on aboriginal law. Although it is primarily intended for
law students, the book should also interest historians and others
concerned with tracing the evolution of aboriginal case law and the
changes in the concept of aboriginal rights over the past 150 years. The
sourcebook assumes significant knowledge about Native issues on the part
of the reader. Newcomers to the subject are advised to use it under the
guidance of a teacher.

Discussion of Indian treaties, legislative jurisdiction, the
Constitution Act, and aboriginal claims takes the form of excerpts from
appropriate court cases or government legislation.

Spelling and typographical errors mar an otherwise useful reference and
worthwhile addition to the study of aboriginal rights.


“Law and Aboriginal Peoples of Canada,” Canadian Book Review Annual Online, accessed July 23, 2024,