Drivers Beware


208 pages
Contains Bibliography, Index
ISBN 0-9697553-0-9
DDC 343'.71'0946






Reviewed by Jeffrey Moon

Jeff Moon is Head of the Maps, Data, & Government Information Centre (MADGIC), at Queen's University


Drivers Beware attempts to be a “paperback radar detector,” to
stretch an analogy. The extent to which it succeeds as such will depend
on the driving habits and attitudes of the reader who uses it. For those
who drive within posted speed limits, who wear seatbelts, and who obey
traffic rules, it will be of limited value. For those who speed, who
wear seatbelts only when obliged to (if at all), or who tend to drive
“aggressively” (i.e., carelessly and/or dangerously), this book may
be of some interest.

Basically, the guide provides a range of traffic regulations and
penalties for provincial and state jurisdictions, lists types of speed
detection devices used by police (and whether radar detectors are legal
or not), and describes demerit point systems (including the
transferability of “violation information” among jurisdictions).

As a concise compilation of traffic regulations for North America, it
may also be of interest to law enforcement officials and/or
policy-makers for comparison purposes.


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