The Mother Zone: Love, Sex and Laundry in the Modern Family


277 pages
ISBN 0-921912-25-0
DDC 306.874'3




Reviewed by Brenda Jacono

Brenda Jacono is an assistant professor of Nursing at Laurentian


This book, another in the self-disclosure genre, stands out from the
others. It describes the course a woman’s life takes from the moment
she decides to have a child: from the adjustments she makes to the birth
and early years in the child’s life, to her eventual awareness of
“self” within the motherhood state. The process Jackson describes
cannot help but uplift; in a sense, it discloses the divine within the
mundane world of everyday life.

This book would be of particular interest to any woman who has had—or
plans to have—a child. It would also assist in illuminating for family
members and health professionals the meaning of a mother’s experience.


Jackson, Marni., “The Mother Zone: Love, Sex and Laundry in the Modern Family,” Canadian Book Review Annual Online, accessed July 21, 2024,