The Parenting Challenge: Your Child's Behaviour from 6 to 12


221 pages
Contains Bibliography, Index
ISBN 0-394-22109-5
DDC 155.42'4




Reviewed by Patricia M. Hughes

Patricia M. Hughes is a child-development specialist in Toronto.


This book deals with behavior problems rather than with health and
medical issues. Its organization makes it a very helpful guide for
parents who are looking for help with a parenting problem.

Rincover’s definition of “normal” behavior should help anxious
parents to relax and wait for normal development rather than rush from
specialist to specialist for a diagnosis and/or treatment of a problem
that will resolve itself over a period of time. He also has helpful
advice for the “pushy” parent, who has unreasonable expectations of
the child and pushes him or her into too many structured activities.
Rincover’s approach to discipline is authoritative rather than
punitive; he suggests that parents monitor the child’s activities and
behavior at all times until the child is ready to assume responsibility
for his or her own safety and independence.

This easy-to-read book is not for students but for parents who are
concerned about their child’s behavior. It explains why children act
the way they do; describes behaviors that are cause for concern and
those that are not; presents strategies for handling many situations;
and suggests when parents are part of the problem and how they can be
part of the solution.


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