Guide to Law Schools in Canada


266 pages
Contains Illustrations, Maps
ISBN 1-55022-160-4
DDC 340'.071'171





Alexander D. Gregor is Associate Dean of Graduate Studies at the
University of Manitoba.


This book is intended for those who are considering applying to law
school. The author, a career counsellor at a major Canadian university,
is able to provide information on a full range of considerations that
are part of this watershed decision in a student’s life. The book is
more than just a “how to,” though it covers that dimension
remarkably well. It is also an examination of the profession itself,
and, as such, leaves the prospective applicant with a better sense of
his or her suitability, and of the career options that await. Because
this particular profession is characterized by a range of approaches and
emphases, its individual training institutions are themselves quite
distinct in orientation and, to some extent, content. It is very
important, then, that the prospective student be able to match his or
her character and interests to the various options available.

The book is based on a wide range of interviews involving deans, chairs
of admission committees, and students. Current statistics have been
collected from each institution, and are presented individually and
comparatively. Each school is analyzed in terms of student profile;
related programs; admission policies and procedures (including data on
admission patterns); inquiries and contact people; the strengths,
weaknesses, and unique characteristics of the program; and the general
character of life in the city and area in which the school is located.

On a general level, the author presents a very useful discussion of 10
“myths” about law and law school, and examines major trends in the
profession (including in its educational context). On a practical level,
the student is advised about factors to consider when selecting a law
school, and how to handle the application process once a choice has been
made. The book is well organized and well written. It is an invaluable
tool for anyone considering study in law at a Canadian university.


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