Future Schools and How to Get There from Here: A Primer for Evolutionaries


505 pages
Contains Index
ISBN 1-55022-172-8
DDC 370





Reviewed by Michael Kasoian

Michael Kasoian is an elementary-school principal in Burlington,


This book challenges our present educational practices and sends a clear
message of the need for change in today’s schools. Dixon addresses
what changes are needed, and boldly describes models for producing them.

Exposure to new literacies is one essential change. Children need
opportunities to explore and learn about language, mathematics, science,
computer technology, international affairs, personal health, and their
own sexuality. Dixon also discusses qualities that are vital for teacher
success, as well as the type of curriculum needed to empower students in
their learning. He makes a strong argument for changing schools to meet
the needs of children, rather than asking children to fit into the mold
of past educational practices. This insightful book emphasizes the need
for students to develop generic skills, which will lead to lifelong
learning, before they commit themselves to specific occupational


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