Hurdles: Human Leaps in the Corporate Race


278 pages
Contains Illustrations, Bibliography
ISBN 0-921165-22-6
DDC 658.4'09




Reviewed by Michael Kasoian

Michael Kasoian is an elementary-school principal in Burlington,


This self-help book is as excellent tool for people looking to improve
their leadership skills. Although written for business, Hurdles can
easily be used as vehicle for personal as well as professional growth.

Beginning with learning about yourself, the Haymans outline strategies
for determining your own beliefs and values, a process that helps you
better understand yourself and then build on what is important. Although
the series of obstacles can be reviewed one step at a time, each
“hurdle” can be addressed independently based on personal need.
Hurdles include time management, burnout, charisma, communication,
leadership confrontations, creativity, and dealing with change. For
individuals who want to focus and concentrate on specific skills, the
book provides steps that reinforce those areas that most need attention.

This book successfully addresses people’s strengths and weaknesses,
helps restore confidence, and suggests strategies that help individuals
work effectively with others. A valuable aid for getting over those
ever-present hurdles in business and personal life.


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