The Canadian Global Almanac 1992


939 pages
Contains Photos, Illustrations, Maps, Index
ISBN 0-7715-3967-3
DDC 031.02





Edited by John Robert Colombo
Reviewed by Jeffrey Moon

Jeffrey Moon is Documents Reference/Data Centre Librarian at Queen’s


This book lives up to its title. It is a rich, readable source of
Canadian facts, figures, and trivia. Information has been culled from a
wide range of sources, including Statistics Canada and other government
departments, as well as from various associations/foundations and
almanacs. Regular features cover a broad spectrum of social, economic,
geographic, political, cultural, statistical, and “trivial” arenas.

“Special features” include the Gulf War, Newsmaker of the Year, and
the European Community. In addition, in a laudable effort to “define
Canada’s elusive identity,” the almanac includes 100 Canadian
quotations, a heritage quiz, and lists of What Should Make Canadians
Proud, and Favourite Canadian Things.

One problem faced by all printed reference works is remaining up to
date. As people enter and leave the public stage, as facts and figures
change in Canada and around the world, portions of printed reference
works become dated until the next edition. The 1992 edition of this
work, being reviewed here in 1993, contains information no more current
than October 1991. The book’s cover, however, depicts, among other
news figures, the Canadian rower Silken Laumann. Though Laumann won the
Canadian rowing title in 1989 and the World Cup title in 1991, she is
not mentioned or listed in this publication.

The disparity between cover and content aside, this book is a valuable
reference for statistical and other information, with a much-needed
Canadian focus. It would make a welcome addition to any professional or
personal reference collection.


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