The Canadian Global Almanac 1993


728 pages
Contains Maps, Index
ISBN 0-7715-9185-3
DDC 031.02





Edited by John Robert Colombo
Reviewed by Jeffrey Moon

Jeffrey Moon is Documents Reference/Data Centre Librarian at Queen’s


The Canadian Global Almanac 1993 builds on the strengths of its
predecessors in providing an amazingly broad spectrum of facts, figures,
and trivia. Information has been drawn from a wide range of sources,
including Statistics Canada and other government departments, various
associations and foundations, almanacs, news agencies, and other
information sources. Regular features cover a broad spectrum of social,
economic, geographic, political, cultural, statistical, and
“trivial” arenas.

Additions to this year’s edition include a science section and an
expanded sports section; the photo section has been dropped. Increased
emphasis seems to have been given to the hard facts and figures people
expect to find when they turn to this sort of reference work.

Though by its very nature out of date once printed, the Almanac does an
admirable job of providing current (and historical) information in a
clear, easy to find fashion. The index is acceptable, but lacks
cross-references that would help users find desired information. For
example, foreign exchange rates are indexed only under “Currency.”

In the Canadian context, in terms of hard facts and figures at your
fingertips, The Canadian Global Almanac has few competitors. The Canada
Yearbook provides more detail, and does have some unique information,
but does not approach the breadth of coverage of the Almanac. To
conclude, this book is a valuable “ready-reference” tool that would
provide a welcome addition to any professional or personal collection.


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