The Edge of the World Stories


120 pages
ISBN 0-920544-79-7
DDC C813'.54





Reviewed by Lynn Manuel

Lynn Manuel, the author of Return to Cranberry Farm, writes mystery
novels for young adults.


This collection of stories is filled with sharp prose and intensely real
human relationships. Malyon’s imagery is imaginative and fresh. Her
female narrators all deal with a sense of loss—the loss of a
connectedness with others—that is the stories’ recurring theme. This
sense of isolation, which everyone must ultimately face, is handled with
sensitivity and often with humor. No attempt is made to resolve this
problem, unless one could call a quiet acceptance of our own isolation a
kind of resolution.

This collection can be recommended to anyone interested in thoughtful,
perceptive, and often funny stories woven with anecdote, image, and
revelry, and linked by the theme of solitude.


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