The Pinch Hitter and Other Sports Stories


130 pages
ISBN 0-00-647046-7
DDC C813'.54





Reviewed by Steven Lehman

Steven Lehman teaches English at John Abbot College in Montreal.


This thin volume of five sports stories is not a literary masterpiece.
There are no cut-out/paste-in postmodern stylistic tricks. The writing
is straightforward, with coherent plots that feature recognizable human
characters. Worst of all, the quaint old themes addressed here have been
all but banished from contemporary Canadian literature, if not
consciousness. Male bonding and courage? How passé. Young seems to
presume in these stories that there is some significant difference
between men and women. How politically incorrect! Pick up this
collection only if you have some nostalgic fascination with the dumb
jock dinosaurs of yesteryear.


Young, Scott., “The Pinch Hitter and Other Sports Stories,” Canadian Book Review Annual Online, accessed July 25, 2024,