Charlottetown and Prince Edward Island


32 pages
ISBN 0-394-22159-1
DDC 971.7'504'0222




Reviewed by Nora T. Corley

Nora T. Corley is a writer and librarian in Ottawa.


This latest book in Hines’s Images of Canada series is a compendium of
30 (including the two on the covers) color photographs of Canada’s
smallest province. The only text is a short introduction, and captions
under most of the photographs. There are scenes from Charlottetown, the
rural countryside, the red shores and beaches, and the tourist

Since the back-cover text modestly designates Hines “Canada’s
leading photographer,” his artist’s eye should have realized that
neither the “Hon. George Coles Bldg.” [sic] nor Province House,
where Confederation was born, list extravagantly to port as pictured.
The picture titled “Harvest time . . .” depicts little to the
untrained eye, as two-thirds of it is out of focus and the people in the
background seem to be gossiping (an Island pastime) rather than
harvesting the unidentifiable crop. The craft shop at Mount Mellick has
been gone for at least four years, and the building itself, formerly a
schoolhouse, has been torn down. In spite of this carping by someone
“from away,” tourists to the Island will find this little book a
nice souvenir to peruse when they return home.


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