Soviet Wings: Modern Soviet Military Aircraft


192 pages
Contains Photos, Illustrations
ISBN 0-07-551248-3
DDC 358.4'183'0947




Edited by John W.R. Taylor
Reviewed by Peter Henderson

Peter Henderson teaches history at Douglas College in New Westminster,


There is an element of history about this book now that East-West
tensions have undergone such a radical decrease in recent years.
However, it does provide Western readers with clear and at times very
beautiful views of the aircraft used by the air force of the former
USSR. Also provided, at the end of the book, is a useful technical
description and diagram of each aircraft type.

However, there are no captions below the pictures (beyond merely noting
the aircraft type), and pictures showing some crew members have no
individual information on them at all. The overall quality of the
pictures, while acceptable and at times very high, does not generally
equal the standard of a Western publication.


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