Dr. Art Hister's Do-It-Yourself Guide to Good Health


355 pages
Contains Illustrations, Index
ISBN 0-394-22084-6
DDC 616.02'4





Reviewed by John Jacono

John Jacono is an assistant professor of Nursing at Laurentian


What would the “typical,” relatively healthy consumer need to know
in order to negotiate good health into old age? Clearly a lot of
information, patience, and good humor. Hister manages to convey all
three with considerable ease in this guide.

Using a wealth of experience from his own practice as well as from his
two “medical information” shows, he has crafted an excellent
sourcebook. Those of us who want to make health care a really
interactive process with our doctors will find the information necessary
to ask appropriate questions. The curious are sated without being
overwhelmed; the fearful are cajoled with empathy and humor.

This guide will provide excellent information to young people who are
leaving “the nest” and to people of any age who want to know how to
get the best out of their family physician.


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