The Canadian Allergy and Asthma Handbook


216 pages
Contains Index
ISBN 0-394-22173-7
DDC 616.97




Reviewed by John Jacono

John Jacono is an assistant professor of Nursing at Laurentian


It is unlikely that an interaction between humans and “nature” will
not produce an allergic reaction in someone, somewhere. Since allergies
tend to run in families, this someone will then likely have relatives
who may react in a similar fashion. The authors of The Canadian Allergy
and Asthma Handbook argue that persons with allergies cannot completely
change their environment to suit their needs. They can, however, use
readily available and often remarkably inexpensive alterations that, in
conjunction with modern therapies, augur a comfortable lifestyle.

These authors, all respected Canadian allergists, use their extensive
collective experience to dispel myths and to educate and reassure the
many thousands of Canadians who regularly spend billions of dollars to
fight this problem.

Readily achievable avoidance strategies are presented for the home, the
schoolroom, and the workplace. While readers are strongly advised to shy
away from potentially deleterious “alternative medicine” cures, they
are also advised to carefully consider benefits before requesting and
submitting to usually expensive and potentially traumatic diagnostic and
treatment techniques. When the problem necessitates rigorous medical
intervention, the authors discuss the various tests that can be
undertaken as well as the various chemotherapies available, including
previously reported adverse reactions to these medications.

The reader is coached to observe and note important factors surrounding
allergic reactions. Informed readers may be better able to use the time
spent at an allergist’s office to obtain optimal treatment for their

This no-nonsense, nonpatronizing handbook may serve Canadian readers
well—even those who have no diagnosed allergy—by advocating
inexpensive, effective, and environmentally friendly ways of making at
least some of the agents with which we simply must co-exist less


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