No Blood Relative:


240 pages
ISBN 1-55128-021-3
DDC C813'.54





Reviewed by Lori McLeod

Lori McLeod is a librarian with the Toronto Public Library.


Marc LePage is the editor of a small-town weekly newspaper. He is also
an alcoholic. After one of his late-night drinking binges, Marc arrives
at the scene of a fatal accident in which two young people have died.
The police conclude that the crash was the result of a deadly game of
chicken between a car and a truck.

Marc suspects that there is more to the story when a local businessman
asks him not to print certain details surrounding the accident. When
Marc starts to ask questions he finds himself the recipient of anonymous
letters warning him not to pursue his investigation. With the help of
the twin sister of one of the crash victims, Marc is determined to
uncover what happened that June night on a rural Alberta road. Marc’s
inquiries draw him into a world of political corruption, blackmail,
collusion, and pornography.

No Blood Relative is a gritty murder mystery that is suspenseful,
entertaining, and disturbing. The book is also well written and well
paced, and has an engaging protagonist.


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