Toronto and the Metropolitan Area


31 pages
ISBN 0-394-22140-0
DDC 971.3'54104'0222




Reviewed by Joan McGrath

Joan McGrath is a Toronto Board of Education library consultant.


This small, jewel-bright collection of 29 photographs of Toronto and
environs showcases the artistry of Sherman Hines, modestly billed on the
jacket as “Canada’s leading photographer.” Hines certainly does
have a magical way with the natural lighting of sunset, sunrise, and
warm and glowing midday. He captures stunning images of both the
enormous (the CN Tower looming above its attendant skyscrapers) and the
tiny (two small pigeons dabbling in a sidewalk pool) with equal care and
attention to detail. The book has text, providing only titles for the
photographs, and not even that much for two of them: the cover art, and
one apparently self-explanatory portrait of seven ducks sunning
themselves on an ice pan.


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