198 pages
ISBN 0-88974-025-9
DDC C813'.54




Reviewed by Lynne Hughes

Lynne Hughes teaches communication arts at the University of Calgary.


At first glance, Scuttlebutt, Williams’s first novel, seems to be an
interesting, very readable, rather light-hearted story of a young
woman’s experience at an American navy boot camp. The novel can,
indeed, be described in this way, but it goes much farther. In a
deceptively simple way, Scuttlebutt presents the maturation process of
its protagonist, Roberta Weston, who begins to learn the nature of
discipline, friendship, trust, loyalty, and love.

Knowing that she is unusual and not likely destined for a traditional
lifestyle, Roberta joins the navy, eager to find herself. Living through
events at boot camp allows her to come to terms with her family, her
past, and her new-found sexuality. Williams describes her heroine’s
personal adventures by creating a fast-paced, energetic novel containing
believable dialogue and well-drawn colorful characters.


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