Toronto's Many Faces


382 pages
Contains Photos, Bibliography
ISBN 0-921396-20-1
DDC 917.13'541044'08693





Illustrations by Maps by Anna Baccin
Reviewed by Joan McGrath

Joan McGrath is a Toronto Board of Education library consultant.


In 1985, Ruprecht was appointed Minister with special responsibilities
for Multiculturalism in the Ontario Legislature. Out of his informed
interest in this important subject comes this guide to multicultural
Toronto. Some 66 different cultural groups are alphabetically
listed—some large and well-publicized, others smaller and less
well-known outside their own membership. For each group, there is a
brief historical synopsis indicating the group’s origins, when and why
they made the decision to settle in Toronto, and where they can now be

The major contributions made by each group are identified, as well as
places of interest for the visitor, including monuments, restaurants,
stores and markets, community centres, and so on. Special days of
national importance are listed, and a list of prominent people
influential both within and outside their communities are recognized.

As with any guide of this magnitude that deals with an ever-changing
cityscape, information on places of interest, restaurants currently in
operation, and the like, may well be out of date, so listings should be
checked before plans are made. Future editions of Many Faces may be
expected, and the author solicits corrections as well as up-to-date


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