Strategic Personal Investing: Wealth Creation for Canadians


165 pages
ISBN 1-895629-33-0
DDC 332.024






Reviewed by Michael Kasoian

Michael Kasoian is an elementary-school principal in Burlington,


This updated version of a book first published in 1992 focuses on the
consequences of domestic and global changes for future investing. Rising
taxes, a burgeoning deficit, and corporate downsizing are giving new
impetus to the need for sound financial planning. This book reminds us
that speculating is for the short term—investing is for the long term.

White’s outline of the 21 financial threats of the 1990s underlines
the importance of strategic personal investing. His discussion of this
concept is followed by chapters on mutual funds, RRSPs, special
investments, wills, tax shelters, and real estate. A “Confidential
Checklist for Financial Planning helps” readers to understand their
financial wants and needs, and to plan accordingly. Here, as elsewhere,
the emphasis is on making things happen rather than sitting back and
letting things happen to you.


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